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  • Lucie Colomb

'Tiger King' Inspired Weed To Donate Proceeds To Tiger Protection Fund

It was only a matter of time before the popular Netflix show “Tiger King” permeated the cannabis world.

The band Moxie has launched 2 strains inspired by the Netflix series Tiger King, with the aim of raising awareness on the treatment of captive tigers.

The California-based company will donate a part of proceeds to help save tigers. Moxie will be donating $1 to the Tiger Protection Fund, for every unit sold.

The Moxie strain, named Tiger’s Blood, was created by crossing Goobers and Wildfire, yielding a citrusy flavor. For its part, Cool Cats Cush, bred by crossing Wildfire and Wedding Cake, delivers a grassy and piney flavor. There will be 1,600 grams of each strain across dispensaries in California sold in 1 gram increments.

The products will be available this week, but are already being sold by pre-order. The launch is set to be following the addition of one more episode of the series phenomenon.

Moxie explained its intention was to "do something fun and lighthearted," but also raise awareness on behalf of the animals and the poor living conditions that were documented in the show.

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